Commercial Real Estate, A Better Way.
Commercial Real Estate, A Better Way.




WOW!!!! There are actually Graphic Design people out there who get and understand instructions the first time around!!! Not only that, they can add their own creative gusto to what the client is looking for. Your team at Creative Tiger has done just that. I have worked with many So Cal local and coast to coast Graphics Design Firms over the years. You would be amazed how many of them needed a multitude of repeated instructions for what your Creative Tiger Team simply did the first time around. How refreshing! 
~Peter, Mountain Center Antiques


The map is really beautiful, it will look great in the kiosk. Lots of information, great use of insets. Thanks again for a complex job.
 ~ David, Idyllwild Chamber of Commerce


We constantly talk about how fun you are to work with, how sweet your spirit is about all of this intense labor, and of course, we love (did I say LOVE?), yes LOVE the map!!! You really do deliver the goods! Again, many thank-yous!
~ Bruce, El Morocco Inn & Spa


I just wanted to say that Shawna is are doing a stellar job! She is really very competent on what needs to be done, highly resourceful and has shown a great deal of productivity just in helping me with the photos and maps. She has shown me a trick or two and almost felt this week that I was learning rather then helping! Its so comforting to know that your team mates are so ready to do a good job. Good job so far Shawna!
~ Carl, Xplode Interactive